TTT2 Photo Teaser

TTT2 Photo Teaser

After the game ‘Tekken 6’ Namco releases Tekken Tag Tournament 2.(Also see Tekken:Blood Vengeance on anime movies.Also see Tekken X Street Fighter down there).This video game has epic graphics.If your questioning about the gameplay ,you should’nt questioned this game because even at the very first Tekken released by Namco, many supported it until Tekken 6 so this means it may be the best fighting game yet in our world!The characters from Tekken 6 are also here but many characters are added like Jinpachi (he was the boss on tekken 5:Dark Resurrection),Jun Kazama (He was from TTT 1) and many more. Just wait till 2011 summer and get ready to get wild as Tekken Tag Tournament 2 enters our Gaming world!









Tekken X Streetfighter ,Kuma and Blanka

A new and first  game from Namco with Capcom!! They bring the worlds most epic fighting games yet in the world combined! Tekken X Streetfighter!! It’s not 2d as you think,its 3d it also has epic gameplays and so many characters to choose from. Great story and a trailer that would really make you play this game.I know that you know Ryu from Street Fighter and Jin from Tekken,what will happen if they will fight!! find out when you play the game.


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